If we are ready to take a look at our school situations with eyes wide open, we
must certainly recognize the need for changes. The statistics that supports changes are
overwhelming. Newspapers frequently present these depressing facts on a regular
basis. One statistic tells us a lot, however. The progress an average school child
makes in a year’s time is .4 of a school year. That is, they gain less that a half year’s
progress in a school year. That means that the average high school graduate operates
at about a 5.2 grade level and this figure doesn’t include the 30% or more that drop out
of school. Now that’s pretty sad!
In addition, we are aware of the vandalism, crime, and financial challenges.
School districts all over the country are going bankrupt. Many important programs are
being eliminated.
One of the major handicaps that educators give as an excuse for not achieving
what they want is the large class sizes. From their point of view their reasons may be
valid. This doesn’t need to be. I will show how the results in the PAL manual –four to
ten times the current results in the schools – is possible in classrooms of any size. Let’s
concentrate on positive improvements rather than on the negatives.  View the Better Schools article and the proven PAL manual at http://www.personalassistedlearning.info.  It is all at no cost and can be downloaded from a PDF file.