It is sometimes believed that publishing the results of standardized tests has a value for the public. Have you ever heard of a parent or teacher express concerns about the comparative scores? I have not, even when the scores may be low compared to other schools or states. Sadly, most readers have come to accept that this is the trend – a trend that our quality education has been on the decline for decades.
Our state and federal governments continue to throw money into standardized testing with all its costs, disruptions in our classrooms, teacher training sessions, administrative paperwork, upgrades to computer testing networks, and student anxiety. There really is no value in states spending many millions of dollars that ends up in corporation pockets, and not having personal value in our classrooms. If state money is really that available, how about spending it on getting more teachers, so that classrooms can be smaller, for example.
All of the above detriments can be avoided while getting better student results. Testing must return to teacher and subject exams. This allows our trained teachers to focus on each child and the learning process that happens everyday in the classrooms. When a unit of study is completed by the student, s/he can be evaluated on the contents. In a truly personalized curriculum, the results of the students accomplishments can be recorded. The progress of each child is reported to the parents by way of report cards, and a student’s cum folder that follows the child through the school years. This is all that is needed to assist in the growth of the child. This is the more sensible (and centsible) approach that ends up benefiting each child. State and federal control of curriculum and testing has not worked. Local control by school districts, teachers, and parents must be returned to get better results.


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If we are ready to take a look at our school situations with eyes wide open, we
must certainly recognize the need for changes. The statistics that supports changes are
overwhelming. Newspapers frequently present these depressing facts on a regular
basis. One statistic tells us a lot, however. The progress an average school child
makes in a year’s time is .4 of a school year. That is, they gain less that a half year’s
progress in a school year. That means that the average high school graduate operates
at about a 5.2 grade level and this figure doesn’t include the 30% or more that drop out
of school. Now that’s pretty sad!
In addition, we are aware of the vandalism, crime, and financial challenges.
School districts all over the country are going bankrupt. Many important programs are
being eliminated.
One of the major handicaps that educators give as an excuse for not achieving
what they want is the large class sizes. From their point of view their reasons may be
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Prisons Don’t Need Guards

One of many ideas for reducing the costs of crime – to taxpayers and victims – is to eliminate prison guards and replace them with trained staff. The staff I refer to, are those who direct needed changes for inmates. Instead of having uniformed guards who often create anger due to lack of respect for authority, the staff will consist of those who care about the welfare of the inmates and a safer society that results from their efforts.
I visualize “prisons” as becoming “rehabilitation centers”. The focus would no longer be on revenge or the perception that punishment is the answer to change felons. These rehab centers would offer a 24/7 program that pre-evaluates the needs of each “client” or inmate, and then develops a series of classes and activities that are monitored for change for each person. The staff is comprised of social workers, psychiatric workers, psychologists, and psychiatric technicians. Most of the staff can be persons who are training for their professional position, and will require little or no pay for their learning experiences. These same “trainees” will most likely work hard as they work with the inmates. Many presently employed guards could be trained for staff positions.
What about safety? All staff members will be trained in security related measures that can be very simple and effective. For example, at Atascadero State Hospital in California, a very effective “security-staff” program has been in place. Staff persons wear only their street clothes, and have a security device on their person. When or if an inmate is about to “go off” or create a disturbance, the staff person signals from their radio device. Within seconds, many staff persons appear at the scene and bodily surround the person(s) creating the disturbance, resulting in having the problem stopped.
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Restorative Justice, Not Punishment

There is a vast difference between “punishment” and “consequences.”  Put into place in our society consequences that are not purely and simply punitive. Throwing a person in jail for five years for possessing marijuana, for instance, is insane, and solves nothing. Fines and sentences that are remedial, reparative and restorative, and not simply punitive, make sense. Brutal and simple revenge (“an eye for an eye”) is neither reparative nor restorative, but is the mark of a primitive society.  Contact the author for a free copy of proven justice solutions at  .


For those who are locked into not forgetting unfortunate sex abuses:  Our brains act like computers.  No one ever forgets strongly-impacted events of our life while in the physical experience.  At the same time, we can avoid the unfortunate memories by focusing on the gift of the present.  Become passionately involved in new habit patterns.  We are created to experience JOY in Life.  AMEN to organizations doing positive actions!  Rather than being against something which brings energy to that which is being fought against – be FOR something that will improve the condition or circumstance.  For those interested in learning new habit patterns, I invite you to read my free manual entitled “Maturity And Becoming”. Email me at and I will email you a copy.

Overcome Child Obesity

A major challenge in our society today, is childhood obesity.  In addition to families providing a proper nutrition lifestyle, our schools can implement a proven, almost costless, fun filled, and self-esteem building program into their curriculum.  Physical education specialists are not needed.  All teachers can take part by needing to only prepare about 3 units of instruction during a school year.  This briefly described program, called Teaching Activity Package System (TAPS), is available at no cost by emailing  It is not socially acceptable to be fat.  Please help maintain healthy children, and lessening the teasing of those who are overweight..